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Ms. McPhee, I am trying to add a photo to an entry, but am unable to do so. I await your kind reply. Bob Harrison

Erica McPhee:
Hi Bob @supxor ,
You can click on the small blue box with the plus sign next to Attachments and other options. It will bring up a drop down menu. Then below Attach, click where it says browse, and find your image. It should be a jpg, png, gif, or pdf file. It has to be under 1500kb (1.5 mb).

Let me know if you still have trouble. Good luck!  :D

Ms. McPhee, another problem is this one: I cannot eliminate previously posted attachments to allow me to add another. Sorry to be such a pill!!  Bob

Hi Bob,
If you want to clear the pictures you have attached or wrongly chosen click the (clear attachments) next to the choose file box.
It will clear everything chosen.

If you want to remove an image after you have posted
1) click Modify  on your post
2) click attachments and other options
3) uncheck image you don't want attached.

The 2 images below show both options.

Hope this helps

Erica McPhee:
Prasad to the rescue! Thank you!  ;D


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