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Help! tips for daylight like photography WITHOUT A CAMERA! with an iPhone

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Hey guys!
So I have a big problem, when I get home it's super late and the sun is down, so I need to know how to fake day light like photography specifically with an iPhone because I'm poor and cannot afford a good camera lol, if someone wants to donate me a camera you are welcome to do so bahahahha! ;) ;) ;) :D :D ;D ;D

I cannot afford the expensive lighting but if someone can throw me some tips about cheap day light bulbs (brands etc...) and what kind of white backgrounds, right now I'm using just a cheap paper from Michael but it doesn't look really good. I'm trying to achieve a white look like the one in this picture for my calligraphy pictures

Thank you beforehand!

Erica McPhee:
You can do this!  :D You need to make a home made light box .  If you have a dollar store in your area, you can use a plain white shower curtain instead of the sheet. You can use any lamp on either side. Then you will need to boost your shadows in a free photo software editing app. I will ask my daughter tomorrow the good one she uses.  ;)

This is really helpful I do have photoshop tho' so if you cannot find the name of the app I can edit my pics in photoshop yeahy!! But this tip is what I was looking for so perfect! Thank you @Erica McPhee you're the best!

Erica McPhee:
Oh, that's even better! Do you have any actions that will help with what is called "high key"? How familiar are you with Photoshop? Do you know how to do level adjustments? This will help you lighten your image as well.  ;D

Very familiar I'll get some actions from creative market but I will look at the actions I currently have, thank you!


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