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Hi! I wonder if my friends from Italy can help me out. Where would I be able to find calligraphy and art supplies in Venice and Florence? I'm thinking of vintage nibs, handmade papers, inks etc. Or are there any must-visit art supplies stores and museums? Thanks.

I got a good penholder and ink with fragrance at Il Papiro in Florence, the shop is near Ponte Vecchio. The guy who's taking care of the store is too sweet and he asked me to write some paragraphs in a big blank book. He told me the story of the store and how they made their own inks with natural fragrance in it. I just got carried away with his charm so I bought a bunch of inks. On the other hand, there is another store in Rome called "Signum", I got 10 nibs for €50. It's mostly Leonardt tho, the guy doesnt know about the difference of the nibs.

How wonderful – you'll have a great time!!

There is a fantastic paper store in Venice, called Paolo Olbi – it's like from Harry Potter ;).

There are a number of paper shops in Venice, but that was the best I found!

I hope others who are more familiar with Italy will chime in :).

In Venice there is so much to see that it's difficult to single out one museum, but I enjoyed the following especially:

Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana (features some stunning calligraphy and illumination) – it's in one complex with the Museo Correr. That has also a nice, quiet café that overlooks the Piazza San Marco and where you don't pay 10 Euro for a Cappuccino.

Visit the Palazzo Ducale and the Basilica di San Marco. Those are both tourist cliché, but absolutely unique (and I have seen many palaces and churches). Come early in the morning and book your ticket in advance for the Palace, so you can skip the line.

And don't miss the Ca' d'Oro, one of the weirdest places I've ever been:

Have fun!


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