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Spoiled two new nibs!!

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Hello, I am a newbie and have been doing fairly well teaching myself on Copperplate and Modern with a Zebra G nib. I read so many Instagram posts where the Hunt 101 was being used I thought I would give them a try. I just could not get the hang of them and I think I have bust them both. Is there a particular way to handle this type of nib, are they temperamental or perhaps my novice hand is too heavy?

What advice can anyone give me for switching from the sturdy Gs?

(I am using Rhodia and Sumi)



Hi May,

I'm also a beginner and have tried both the Nikko G and the Hunt 101. I find the Nikko G definitely requires more pressure on the downstrokes, so maybe if that's what you're used to, you're pressing too hard on the Hunt 101? Maybe a lighter hand would help.

That said, I would definitely defer to those with more experience...this feels a bit like the blind leading the blind!

I actually have the opposite problem now - after so much practice with the Hunt 101 and the Brause 66ef, I find using the Nikko G awkward  :(

Bianca M:
Hi May,

The Hunt 101 (one of my favorites) is far more flexible and sharp than a Nikko G, and they are fairly reliable.  I suspect you'll be able to manage much better with them once you're able to lighten up your touch! :)

There are a handful of tricks you can use to help with lightening up- try a search of the forum and some threads will come up.  One of the ways is to hold a pencil with an eraser upside down, eraser pressed to the paper, in your non-writing hand. 

Schun you must be doing well if you are comfortable with the more flexible nibs, good for you. I will post an example of my penmanship very soon and invite feedback.
Bianca, thank you for your comments. I must say that upside down pencil is an interesting theory, I am intrigued to give that a try. I will search the forum for more!


Hi May,
Such a lovely name :D. I think Hunt 101 is the favourite of all including me. As members on the forum have said its very flexible and sharp. Eventually you will need to shift from Nikko G so sooner the better. As Bianca have said about the light touch, put it into practice and Im sure Hunt 101 will be your new favourite soon. :D

Bianca thats an interesting theory. Never thought about it. :D



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