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I have been trying to share a post with a photo for a day now.   I keep getting a message saying that "theflourishforum can't handle this request."  Yesterday I was told that I could not post because I had already posted the exact same post.  I went back to the forum to look to see if this was true, but there were no posts from me.

Is there a problem with the forum or is there something I am doing wrong?  The file size is 815kb.

Thanks so much!

I took a screen shot of the error message that keeps appearing and I am going to try to attach it.  If this works then I have no idea why my photos won't load, because they are well under the size limit.  :(

Erica McPhee:
Hmmm... that is strange. I have not seen that error before. I will do a little research. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Erica McPhee:

Can you try again? If you still can't post it, can you send it to me via email so I can test it? Thanks!

I tried to post it again and it would not go through.  Where do I find your email address so I can send the photo to you?



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