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Hey Flourish Friends,

Does anyone know of any books or resources that have some beautiful crests in them? I figured this kind of falls under engrossing. I'm working on a logo for a company that wants a custom crest and I always love looking back at older works for inspiration.

Any ideas? Please and thank you!


Erica McPhee:
Hi Christen,
If they are looking for an illustrated crest like the ones of the past, I like two books:

Monograms and Alphabetic Devices and 5000 Decorative Monograms for Artists and Craftspeople.

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If they are looking for a more modern look, try Pinterest and searching family crest or calligraphy crest. There are many!

@Erica McPhee that's exactly what I was looking for. They want something more buttoned up, almost collegiate, so these resources are really helpful. Both of these books have decent previews on Google Books and I'm already inspired. Thank you!


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