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Exemplar from Charles P. Bluemlein?

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(Erica, if this shouldn't be posted feel free to remove the link!)

I saw some discussion on Instagram about a beautiful exemplar from the Higgins Ink Co. Scripts and Manuscript Lettering book. With a little sluething I found this posted online: There are some interesting brush lettering examples on there, too! I'm not sure who the guy running this site is.

briana - that was me that posted that initial pic on IG that started all the chatter about this exemplar...great that you found it online!!!


Christopher, after you posted that link and I opened it, I was like

There are at least a gazillion exemplars out there!


ETA-- can anyone tell me how to just insert an active link rather than the actual video????

Erica McPhee:
I found this absolutely fascinating! And even more so that I had never heard of them before! What a neat idea -- scripts based on your friends' signatures.  ;D

LOL Ellen! Not to worry - it is set up to link to the video whenever a youtube or vimeo link is listed.  :)


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