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Marina Marjina (mainly cyrillic)


Hi everyone,

since I spend way too much time looking at pictures, I have discovered another gem I would love to share with you, if you don't already know her: Marina Marjina. She's also in the "From Hand to Type" book and her Flickr account has hundreds of her spectacular pieces to look at. Most of them are in cyrillic, but you can still admire her letterforms and especially her graceful and flowing flourishes and her great layouts.

Check her page out here:
I hope you find her work as amazing as I do.

Erica McPhee:
She has such a lovely style. I especially like her contemporary pointed pen - it is like a combination of italic and copperplate but so fluid. Very skilled. I love her work.  :)

Lori M:
I've been following her work on Pinterest -- I agree, she is amazing!

I lived in Russia and was a Russian major for two years, so she makes me want to try some Cyrillic calligraphy. But I figure I'd better get one alphabet down before I try another!  :P

I agree.  It's a very unique style.  And she's very good at it.  I love it.
Thank you for sharing.


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