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Karl H.:
Hi Everyone,

I'm trying my hand at writing in spirals.  It's going fine... as long as I'm just writing for practice, putting down whatever comes into my head.  However, if I want to produce a finished piece, I'd like to be able to work out spacing so I don't come up short, leaving a big white space in the center, or overrunning with my text, having insufficient spiral to write on.  Does anyone have any tricks that would make this estimate easier?  Very much appreciated, thanks!!

Sounds like you are writing from the outside and spiraling inward. A sample posted might be helpful to visualize.

If I were to take on something like that I would write it out in a line(s) in the size and script desired. Then cut the text as a paper strip, then cut between the letters and form a mock up of the final piece. As to the empty middle, have you considered some light lines to ad flourish? Blank space is important too.

Look forward to seeing your work.

You can also start from the center and spin your way outward. Enjoy!

You could do the first one from the center to the outside to get the required length of the spiral. Then write the final one from the outside inward. The length should be the same for both.

Karl H.:
Thanks all for the input.  The "from the inside out" idea occurred to me after I had already posted the question.  I saw the paper-cut method elsewhere, but it seemed cumbersome, and I wondered if there were some (obvious) trick that I just hadn't thought of myself or stumbled across with the Google machine.  I also considered writing it out, sized as I wanted it to be, and then, using a light pad, sort of "roll" the line of text along the spiral to get a rough idea of whether it would fit, or need a larger spiral on larger paper.  Sort of like measuring the circumference of a circle by using a regular straight ruler.  Sure, it's a kludge, but I'm looking for approximations here, not exact length.  For me, the most workable method seems to be the one posted by GregB: center outwards to get the length, then once again from the outside in.  Who knows, I might even like the way the  center-out looks!  I'll post a scan of my first rough-draft (used a compass to make the spiral, picked an appropriately-sized nib, and just started writing.  As luck would have it, it came out better than I could have planned it in advance... but it's pretty shabby, as it was just an exercise in spiral writing.  I'd like to re-do it as more of a finished product.  The question about spacing isn't for this one directly, just a general question about working with spirals in general, since I'm enjoying them so much!  Thanks again for the replies!


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