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I've been doing lettering challenges on IG for over a year now, so since I'm getting back on here, thought I'd share a few. Here is one from earlier this week:

Lovely! So much life and movement in one word :)

Thank you! (I hope i "Liked" this comment -- I clicked on Like, but it shows an thumbs down and Unlike -- ??

Still figuring out things on here. Not sure what Karma is either.)

Anyway, thanks for your comments!     :)

Yes, looks like you 'liked' the comment successfully :). You can now see the like under my post.

Karma comes from if someone clicks the 'applaud' link on your post (under Karma). Users on the forum typically click 'applaud' if someone posts something particularly helpful, inspiring, beautiful work, etc.

Glad you're posting and learning your way around the forum!

ok, thanks!

Another question:  How do I get the iG icon on my profile? (or rather, how to link to my IG account?)


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