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Saint Wenceslas Spanish pangram


Today we celebrate the festivity of Saint Wenceslas, patron of the Czech lands. In compensation for the day off, I have composed a Spanish pangram in his honor (taking advantage of the fact that the W is a rare letter in Spanish). As we say here that "every Czech is a musician", I assume this is true also for the poor Wenceslas and I have made him an accomplished xylophone player. Oh yeah!

Quite right. Time to change the photo.

You piked up the wrong saint  :). This one is Saint John of Nepomuk, the saint of the Contrareformation. I am attaching Wenceslas, also from Charles bridge. There is still another representation of him on the bridge: as a child with his granma Saint Ludmila.

I may compose another pangram for Nepomuk in his festivity (I have to find when it is). Unfortunately Nepomuceno (the Spanish version) has no tricky consonants: I will have to pick that W from elsewhere. C'est la vie.

Andrew Davies:
Lovely work Trazo! Also had to laugh at Wenceslas being a gifted xylophonist 😂. Very well done. 👍

Thank you, Andrew.  All my calligraphy is very shaky so far, but I am enjoying the learning process a lot. It is lake going back to first grade  :) 


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