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In the spirit of this quote of Conrad Hall, I'm posting this rough bit of work (the first sentence I've written today). Do you agree with Hall?

You might notice here ghosts of other letters. As I use both sides of practice paper, work from another day is on the back of this piece of paper. I generally fill one side and put it aside to dry and use the second side another day. No sense wasting paper.

Erica McPhee:
So beautiful Mike! And yes - I agree! I have taken to doing some work for reproduction on the ipad Procreate. While it does make it a lot easier, I feel like it loses some of its beauty due to its smoothness and digital feel. If I'm doing a finished piece, I may work out the layout on the ipad and then create it by hand so it maintains the imperfection of hand work.  :)

Well I must say that, if true, my practice currently is loaded with a metric crap ton of beauty!  ~(_8^(|) D'oh!     

Seriously, though, I do agree with the sentiment, and in a similar way, love the Japanese wabi-sabi aesthetic.  I've lived, and probably wasted, way too much of my life with a perfectionistic way and aesthetic which leaves little room for enjoyment of the journeys we travel.   

I am absolutely enthralled with your "rough bit of work" and have only desperate wishes to attain anywhere near it before my journey's end!  Thank you for posting the inspiration!

Imperfection can be endearing.

Beautiful work as always Mike.

Imperfection is what drives us.  Hence, the beauty of the chase.


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