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Large digital penmanship collection (university of Scranton)

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Hi everyone,

Today I found the digital archives of the university of Scranton and I wanted to share.

One of the collections is:

An extensive collection of American ornamental penmanship from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, featuring professional journals, books and manuals, scrapbooks, penmanship samples, photographs, correspondence, ephemera, publication mockups, and a wide variety of original works by master penmen.

There are subsets in the collection, for example:

The Horace G. Healey Penmanship Collection holds a variety of original penmanship and calligraphy samples, engrossings, and other examples of pen artwork. Healey, editor of The Penman's Art Journal and later editor of The Business Educator, collected the original art and penmanship samples used in the journals. The materials include works by master penmen such as Charles P. Zaner, Daniel Ames, Fielding Schofield, and Frederick Tamblyn.
Subset of the Zaner-Bloser, Inc. / Sonya Bloser Monroe Penmanship Collection

Other collections are:

You can filter using a Penman name, time and subject (from blackboard drawing and advertisements to letter writing and Christmas cards). I found it really nice to browse though.

Erica McPhee:
WOW!!! Incredible resource! Thank you so much for sharing!  :-*

Erica McPhee:
LOL - the flourished’ s nightmare!!!  ;D

You’re welcome!

I also loved the purpose of the penmans art self help club.

This Certifies that is hereby accepted …
as a worthy member into the fellowship and good will of THE PENMAN'S ART JOURNAL'S SELF-
HELP CLUB, and is entitled to all the privileges and benefits of full membership therein.
Purpose of the Club: To inculcate in its members the principles of right living;
the necessity and advantage of self culture, and the proper development of the physical,
mental and moral sides of life - the realization of true success and happiness.

I really wonder what they did in the club to (hope to) get these results. Make art? Write stuff?

@sanne137  This is phenomenal! My personal hopes in learning Spencerian script has been to be able to correspond with my loved ones without my handwriting detracting from the sentiment of the thoughts expressed.  It has been daunting, at times, when comparing my efforts to the exemplars which seem so perfectly executed, yet those are what I have from which to practice.  I absolutely love finding examples of "everyday handwriting" from the golden age of penmanship ... especially those that aren't perfect because I can still appreciate their beauty and humanity.  And now, to find that the day to day handwriting from even some of the masters isn't "book perfect" is really encouraging!

Thanks for sharing this wonderful resource.  I expect I'll be visiting often for inspiration and hope. 

Wishing you many joys,


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