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Is there a doctor in the house? Pangram #3

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Erica McPhee:
I decided to brush up on my Engrosser's Script since I will be going to IAMPETH in August. Woo hoo! Man, I am rusty on traditional scripts! But I enjoyed the practice.

This my third in the pangrams that make sense series.  ;D I thought I would try to make this look like an x-ray so I inverted the photograph.

Also, this uses a very traditional Engrosser's Script by H. G. Healey from the Zanerian Manual. I figured since it is out of print, I would try to do some examples featuring scripts from the text.

Erica McPhee:
This might be easier to see the script... it's a photo, not a scan so sorry about the color.

Please forgive me as I'm still learning but I thought engrossers script was copperplate?

Erica McPhee:
Hi Nickki,
It is ... sort of ... it's complicated. I'll dig up the thread where we talk about it. I made the distinction because this is a formal hand (exemplar) from the Zanerian manual that is specifically referred to as Engrosser's Script.  :)

This might be the discussion (I was curious as I had forgotten as well)

Someone can correct me but the gist I get is that Engrosser's script (/Copperplate) are based off of English Roundhand and are not considered handwriting (which Roundhand is) but rather drawing letters. So is the difference (if any vs Engrosser's) that Copperplate is still considered to be handwriting?


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