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Erica McPhee:
Beautiful hand turned custom nib holders:

I know this has been a "dead" thread for awhile, but I just wanted to pass along that he is a great guy, as well as a great pen holder maker. Seeing as how he and I are both in Indiana, I reached out to him to see if he happened to have any info as to where I could purchase some Vintage Hunt 22s. Even though he had no inside knowledge as to where I may want to look, we struck up quite the conversation about nibs, and how it is best to buy in bulk once you find the nib you know you will use all the time.
I know that didn't add anything to the topic, but I like to give nice people, and helpful people as much credit as possible.

Bianca M:
Agreed- Chris is very helpful on top of being very skilled at pen making.  He is truly dedicated to preserving calligraphic arts and helping the calligraphy community.  This reminds me: I need a new pen holder.

If you're still looking for Vintage Hunt 22s, I get mine from Paper Ink Arts:

Chris is a super person to talk to.  He won't sell you things you can't use and very knowledgeable.  If I didn't have too many pen holders, I would buy his pen and not having any regrets.

Someone mentioned vintage nibs?

Some of our members also have nib samplers available.  If you are interested go to the Tools and Supplies and ask around :D

Now I feel silly. I just wrote a question asking why we can only purchase our nibs at JNB and PaperInkArts before I remembered to check this thread.
The only time I had Vintage Hunt 22s, I purchased them from a glass installation business that used to carry some art supplies. I was super fortunate, and nagged a box of 12 of them for $3.50.
Thanks for the links, everybody. I'm off to check them out now.


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