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Coffee & Nib-bles / Missing Mails from USA!
« on: September 22, 2016, 01:47:13 PM »
Over the past couple of months, I've been pretty upset and puzzled about not receiving some of the exchange envelopes, and so I headed down to my local post office. I spent some time understanding how the mail comes in, got increasingly frustrated when they couldn't help and then downright angry with my own helplessness.

It was only sometime later that I realised that the mails that I didn't get were the ones coming from only the USA :( Two of the flight of the feathers exchange and two of the NSEW exchange!

Has anyone else faced this too and is there any way to check it out?  Or am I just plain unlucky not to receive them!

Coffee & Nib-bles / Away for a bit because my father needs me!
« on: July 02, 2016, 08:30:10 AM »
Hi everyone. I've been away from the forum and calligraphy for quite some time now, but as much as I want to get back to being actively involved, there are challenges. My father has been critically ill and is in the ICU since a while now. This has necessitated a shift in cities and a majority of the day and night being spent at the hospital. Hence I won't be able to participate in exchanges for some time although I have already sent out envelopes for flight of feathers and NSEW - I hope everyone on my lists get them. I will of course let you know when I get mine. Thank you all and I hope to be back home with my dad soon and interacting with you guys. Please pray for him!

I am having a tough time with walnut ink!  :-\ When i use it with Leonardt Principal, it seems to work fine but as soon as i switch to hunt 101 or any other nib, the ink starts pooling and there are ink blobs on the paper. Ive tried cleaning the nibs thoroughly but it didn't help either.
I am unable to understand what could be the reason for this. I see people using walnut ink/hunt 101 combo with such ease on IG.

Open Flourish | General Discussion / Help me fill my cart!
« on: May 11, 2016, 09:30:36 AM »
So its time for me to shop again but i need some advice before i fill up my cart! I am a beginner and have used Kuretake Sumi, Finetec, Pearlex Brilliant Gold, W&N Opera Rose Gouache and Daniel Smith Walnut Ink as of now. I want to try a few more inks and gouaches and need recommendations for the same -

1. I've heard a lot about McCaffery's for fine hair lines and that they eat the nibs within 2-3 hours. If that's the case, is it worth buying considering i buy nibs every 2 months as the shipping costs are high and that too just as many as would suffice for that period.

2. Are walnut ink crystals better than the ready ink? As i mentioned earlier, I've been using the Daniel Smith one but i always end up putting it away after a few tries because its extremely runny and pools on the paper. Also how do i know what consistency of walnut ink is good to write with?

3. Other then Winsor and Newton, what gouaches can i try? Do they all need gum arabic as an additive?

4. Do all Pearlex pigments have the same kind of sheen? I want to try some more but not sure which ones to buy. Any recommendations/feedbacks?

5. Is yasutomo or moon palace better than kuretake sumi? Do they all corrode nibs at the same pace?

6. How is Dr. Martin's Iridescent Ink different from other shiny inks?

Other than the inks i also want to know -

7. What tools can i use to fix errors on envelopes? I participated in my first ever FF exchange and made one mistake which i've tried covering but not as neatly. Besides an exacto, what else do i need? What good is a sand eraser?

8. What nibs work well on 200 GSM or above watercolour paper? I have only used the G nibs for a while before switching to Hunt 101 which i loved so much that i haven't tried anything else. For once i tried using Leonardt Principal but it kept snapping and scratching the paper. But will definitely try it again. Any other nib recommendations, though i know its a personal preference and totally based on trials but is there something that's a must try?

9. How good is an ames lettering guide?

Yeah well, i have a lot of questions but then I'm just waiting for the day when it will all be available here in India and i would just go and pick up stuff to try!! Fingers crossed! ::)

Favorite Resources / Supplies in Chicago
« on: March 14, 2016, 01:55:30 AM »

Can you all help me with supply stores in Chicago, if any? Paper, Ink, Nibs whatever or everything.


Now that i've signed up for the spring exchange, I want to know how to choose an envelope for calligraphy. Though i know a lot of it is trial depending on the kind of nib and inks i'd be using but what other than the poundage should be considered while choosing envelopes.

I also haven't had luck finding good envelopes here so far, so any suggestions on creating my own are welcome! :)

Introductions / Hello from India
« on: March 09, 2016, 05:16:39 AM »
Hi Everyone

I am Garima and i'm a beginner to this wonderful world of fine lettering. I was introduced to calligraphy about an year back and since then i've been wanting to learn pointed pen calligraphy. All thanks to the wonderful people in the instagram community, i got practising this january.

I've been seeing people exchanging snail mails and thought it was an uber cool way to practice. I hope to be doing that soon!

I hope to soak in all the knowledge and experiences shared here and hopefully become a better calligrapher  :)

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