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Brush Calligraphy / First Brush Project with Gouache!
« on: July 03, 2014, 02:06:28 PM »
This will be my first project on Brush Calligraphy and I'm loving it. I like how
my freehand looks like. Although I used Gouache here, it didn't seem to be one 😊
I will probably do this more often

 Hello Everyone!

 My Name is Jamie Mateo 17 yars old from Manila, Phil,. but right now currently living in Waipahu, Hawaii :)) Iused to doodle when I was in Highschool using only a Pilot Gtec 0.4 and highlighter which comes very handy when I don't wanna listen to my teacher  ;D HAHAHAH   Actually I didn't take any artclass/ design class in college which is very unusual  cause i love lettering from the very first time I saw it.. I am a college student studying BS-Pharmacy  :D So not connected to arts right?!

Since I'm still young, I want to take this calligraphy class for my future. It's so hard for me buying materials so what i do is I rely on my parents. And they keep asking me what will I do with all those stuff? HAHAHA They even want me to study Architecture class and to not continue Pharmacy course. I'm going to think about it tho.

Lastly Thank You Erica McPhee for creating this forum.. And Please Follw me on Instagram (@jmoetam) and twitter (@jamaimamateo) ...This is it for today,, And I really appreciate it when you read my intoduction.

Jamie <3

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