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All very good suggestions! Thank you! I love the idea of copying down a song or book so I can focus solely on the letters and not the words as well.

I do try to practice any forms I am bad at each time I write. So I generally start with one thing I know I want to work on and once I've done that for a while I go into writing out words or sentences. But I think I can keep using this method to learn variations as well.

It definitely is an art form! It's part of what I love about it. I'm not sure why it took so long for me to begin calligraphy. I've always practiced different styles of writing for fun.

Thank you as well. I'm going to take a look at the book you suggested.

Oh! Cards would be fun. I have a pretty strong background in design (working on my masters in design now) and never really thought of integrating calligraphy into that at this point. I do design cards for people on occasion. (Not with calligraphy- usually digitally or sometimes handmade.) Of course, my calligraphy isn't at a level where I could design for others yet but it would be fun to see what I can do by combining the two. I could maybe work on a Christmas card to send out to family or something. Thank you for the idea! I guess I just needed some encouragement because I didn't feel like I was at a point where I could do such a thing.

Thank you! That is very helpful.

What would be the type of writing which someone would use in daily writing? I'm not exactly sure how to explain what I mean but basically, is there something that isn't traditional cursive taught in schools (that's a bit too bubbly for my tastes) but is quick enough to do general writing with? I want to do something nicer than print for some of my writing throughout the day when calligraphy such as Copperplate is too much. Is there something like this? I imagine something like old letters you find sometimes tucked in an antique book. I hope I am making sense here...

I'm at this point where I've gone through Copperplate letters individually and as words. I've written letters and occasionally go back and write out a page or two of each letter but I feel like I am missing something. Not in the sense that I'm doing something wrong but that there just has to be something more than what I am doing.

I know there is so much more out there to learn but now that I've gone through the basics I'm lost. There is so much information out there so I don't know what is next. I still would like more practice with Copperplate before I move on to anything else I'm just at a loss as to what that practice is supposed to look like. I can only fill so many pages with each individual letter or write so many letters to my family and friends before they get annoyed. Haha.

What would you all suggest is the next step? How do you sift through everything out there in order to decide what to do next?

As a side note I feel like I need some goals within calligraphy. I want to share this with other people but like I mentioned earlier there are only so many letters I can write in a given time. I've joined the next exchange which should be fun but what are some other ways of sharing this art form with others that I can go after as a beginner?

Tools & Supplies / Re: Pen Holder- Where should I look?
« on: November 03, 2015, 02:21:08 PM »
I knew I should have checked etsy first! I unfortunately looked there afterwards. But I'm sure I will buy more soon enough. I'm kind of obsessed with pens of all kinds and always have been. Naturally, that means I have to try more of them! I'd love a custom one some day.

Tools & Supplies / Re: Pen Holder- Where should I look?
« on: November 03, 2015, 01:22:10 PM »
That one definitely looks beautiful! It is unfortunately out of stock. I will keep an eye out on it though. That you for all of your suggestions. I ended up choosing a wooden one that is a bit thicker. I have always preferred a bulkier pen to write or draw with. I can't remember off the top of my head exactly it was.

This will be my first exchange! I'm excited to participate.

I am a beginner but I thought this would be a good way to get some more practice. Plus is sounds like fun!

Introductions / Re: Hello from Iowa!
« on: November 02, 2015, 10:43:49 PM »
I apologize for not seeing this sooner! I would have replied but didn't notice there were any replies. I'm currently working on Copperplate which I am enjoying and have probably annoyed my family with the random letters I've sent in the mail which I wrote to practice. I'm now trying to determine what the next step is. I know I need to improve but am unsure of what more to do beyond writing letters to family and friends and practicing whenever possible.

Tools & Supplies / Pen Holder- Where should I look?
« on: November 02, 2015, 09:56:31 PM »
I'm searching for a somewhat nicer pen holder. Nicer than a plastic one- I have a plastic Speedball brand one- but not so nice that it costs a hundred dollars. What I mean by nice is not plastic and has a good feel to it. Something solid. Where might I look? I've seen some of the wooden ones on the sites suggested in the recommended supplies list. I'm just curious if there is anywhere else I might look.

Introductions / Hello from Iowa!
« on: September 20, 2015, 09:59:37 PM »
Hello! I'm rather new to this. I've played around a bit over the years with calligraphy but only really made things up as I went along for the fun of it. Finally I've decided to start fresh and learn the right way. It's been fun so far and I'm excited to be going through each of the lessons posted. I also love seeing what everyone else has posted, so much art and beauty!


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