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Workshops & Conference News / Heather Held in Europe! Rome, Oct 26/27
« on: August 05, 2019, 01:20:35 AM »
Hi everyone!

It's been a long time since I logged in the Forum and I see this place has flourished beautifully with many new calligraphy enthusiasts and students from all over the world. How beautiful!

Since there are quite a few of you living in European Countries, I thought you might want to know that we of the EUROPEAN POINTED PEN COLLECTIVE (myself and Kate Watson of @oliveandreid) are hosting a workshop with HEATHER VICTORIA HELD in October; she'll be teaching her Festive Flourish workshop in Rome next October 26&27.

If you're interested in taking this class and learn her delicate and elegant Victorian inspired flourishing, you can check our website HERE .
You'll find :
- a full description of the class
- a bio of Heather (just in case someone doesn't know her yet)
- the list of materials needed for the class
- workshop venue presentation
- a couple of suggestions for your accomadation (close to the workshop venue) which have special prices for our students!
- points of interest for those of you who want to make the Rome weekend a bit longer and enjoy some interesting historical visit around

The workshop will be in English :-)
It will be a 2 days intensive learning class.
Each day starting at 10am sharp and ending 6pm.
We'll enjoy Rome by night together after the workshop days :-) and of course have lots of calligraphy chat together with Heather! (priceless!!!)

If you're travelling from outside Italy, you may want to have a little help to make your travel&accomodation easier. Just email us with any question you may have!
We'll be happy to help <3

If you want to know who we are and what we have done and do, you can visit

Also, we have more beautiful workshops for pointed pen lovers coming up in 2020, so be sure to follow us:
throught our Newsletter, going out to our subscribers with new workshops infos. See the GET UPDATES link on our web (top right).

I and Kate really look forward to seeing you in class!


I just found this incredible resource
I only saw the first video, but I thought this might be interesting for those of you liking broad pen calligraphy.
I'm personally not so much in broad pen and Middle Age hands, but I find it so beautiful to know something new!
Hope you'll enjoy.
Erica, of course feel free to move the thread to the most adequate section of the Forum as I'm not sure this is the best one!

Open Flourish | General Discussion / Fight for your WRITE :)
« on: September 01, 2014, 04:15:24 AM »
Hi all!

Thanks to a friend of mine, who is another calligraphy enthusiast, I just found out the BIC Intl is promoting a mission to save handwriting in schools!
We've been discussing this on a different thread, so I thought many of you would have been interested in checking this out.

Their website :
I checked it very quickly, but apparently they have gathered a lot of interesting resources for teachers and families, which is so good!

And you can sign a petition in partnership with to donate writing tools.
The petition is open until end of this year.

I find we should have more handwriting events, not only for children, but also for adults, to encourage them to explore handwriting and calligraphy!

Do you know of other initiatives similar to this one?

Hi all.

I was surfing Mr Paul Shaw's website and came across this article =>—roundhand/, which I found very interesting.
Mr Shaw's referring to Jean Larcher's calligraphy as "a mix of Copperplate and Spencerian.

Images on the post speak for themselves.

Given that I'm presently not able to like Spencerian (my limit!), thought this could be a way to get nearer to that style and see if I can appreciate it more.

As the author points out, Mr Larcher refers to this work as "straight calligraphy, which reminds me of Mr. Ken Fraser thread "Handwritten Copperplate" here =>
Do you think Mr Larcher's "straight calligraphy" comes from a more "daily calligraphy" approach?

I would love to hear from all of you what you think about this "mix".

Introductions / Hello from Rome - ITALY :-)
« on: July 11, 2014, 11:58:42 PM »
Hi Forum friends!

my name's Cecilia and I live in Italy.
I know many of you from IG and I've been reading a lot here in the forum.
You maybe know me by the name of "calligraphando", which is mostly my name online.

I totally love the Forum! I was missing a place to share and discuss my passion for calligraphy and writing. And I'm so thankful to Erica for her starting this and to all of you for sharing your experience and thoughts!

Except for a bunch of famous calligraphers in Italy, we don't have a community for people who are talented but not famous... I don't know if you can get the meaning of this. It's sad. I find that sharing what you know is not dangerous for your business (if you have one), because everyone has a unique style even using the same tools and materials! This is why this Forum is a precious resource for me!

Thanks to all and each one of you!
I'm learning soooo much here!


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