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@Erica McPhee and @JanisTX thank you both !

@Erica McPhee : would you give me permission to mention your feedback about pen control and stroke formation on the EPPC socials ? The post would be on IG and FB, linking back to your FF socials
Thank you!

@Cecilia Heather's workshop at IAMPETH was so popular, it filled up within 10 minutes of registration being open.  According to the President, people were actually crying about not being able to get into the class.  Normally, there are 2 door monitors assigned to each class.  They check your notebook, which has your schedule of classes on it on the front, to assure that you are actually registered for the class that you are entering.  Heather's class had FIVE monitors & you were checked & re-checked before entering the class.  It was pretty wild!!  On two of the tables, students had to sit 3 to a table, instead of the usual 2 to a table.  I could not believe the enthusiasm & demand for the class.  It turned out to be one of the best classes that I have ever taken!  You are in for a real treat!


Oh Janis! I didn't know her class at the Convention has been such a great success! But I easily imagine because Heather's flourishings are a beauty and everyone wants to learn this skill!
We've had great a response to the workshop launch from the UK and from Italy.
We expect students from other countries (France, Belgium, Austria, Germany, The Netherlands and others) to be registering later, we've still got 10 weeks before the workshop.
I really hope this will be a European gathering around Heather's flourising class.
Helping people with feedback from those who already attended her class is great bonus we can gift to our audience.
@JanisTX : May I ask your permission to post your feedback on our socials (with credit of course)?
Thank you!


So good to see you on Flourish Cecilia! And what a wonderful class you are hosting. I also highly recommend this class. It is fantastic and can be used for so many different things. It helps learn pen control and stroke formation as well.  ;D

Hello my Friend! so good to be here Erica!!!

I finally took the time to stop by and post. I will make a point of being more present in the future and be an active part of the Forum, as much as I can <3. The Forum has been such a great start to pointed pen calligraphy for me and it's time to give back!

You put two great points on the table here: pen control and stroke formation.
We did not mention them when we presented the workshop. At least not so clearly. And it's good to explain.
Those who are considering taking the workshop will be interested in comments and feedback like yours!

Thank you so very much! This helps tremendously <3

Thank you for your feedback Janis!
This is the kind of comment I'd like to find when I consider attending a workshop and want to know more about it.
We do hope our class with her will be filled with curious and creative calligraphers!

I was fortunate to be in Heather's Flourishing Workshop at IAMPETH last month.  It was WONDERFUL!!  I really recommend her class.  You will be so lucky if you can get into the class!


Workshops & Conference News / Heather Held in Europe! Rome, Oct 26/27
« on: August 05, 2019, 01:20:35 AM »
Hi everyone!

It's been a long time since I logged in the Forum and I see this place has flourished beautifully with many new calligraphy enthusiasts and students from all over the world. How beautiful!

Since there are quite a few of you living in European Countries, I thought you might want to know that we of the EUROPEAN POINTED PEN COLLECTIVE (myself and Kate Watson of @oliveandreid) are hosting a workshop with HEATHER VICTORIA HELD in October; she'll be teaching her Festive Flourish workshop in Rome next October 26&27.

If you're interested in taking this class and learn her delicate and elegant Victorian inspired flourishing, you can check our website HERE .
You'll find :
- a full description of the class
- a bio of Heather (just in case someone doesn't know her yet)
- the list of materials needed for the class
- workshop venue presentation
- a couple of suggestions for your accomadation (close to the workshop venue) which have special prices for our students!
- points of interest for those of you who want to make the Rome weekend a bit longer and enjoy some interesting historical visit around

The workshop will be in English :-)
It will be a 2 days intensive learning class.
Each day starting at 10am sharp and ending 6pm.
We'll enjoy Rome by night together after the workshop days :-) and of course have lots of calligraphy chat together with Heather! (priceless!!!)

If you're travelling from outside Italy, you may want to have a little help to make your travel&accomodation easier. Just email us with any question you may have!
We'll be happy to help <3

If you want to know who we are and what we have done and do, you can visit

Also, we have more beautiful workshops for pointed pen lovers coming up in 2020, so be sure to follow us:
throught our Newsletter, going out to our subscribers with new workshops infos. See the GET UPDATES link on our web (top right).

I and Kate really look forward to seeing you in class!


Open Flourish | General Discussion / Re: How not to design an RSVP card
« on: December 05, 2017, 05:07:08 AM »
really?!?!?!?!?  :o

Introductions / Re: Hello!
« on: November 24, 2017, 04:07:19 AM »
loooove that you're here Francesco!

Show & Tell / Re: My American Cursive
« on: February 19, 2017, 09:15:56 AM »
Beautiful exemplar!
This reminds me I should practice my monoline cursive more  :-\


I purchased one in Fall 2014 and it developed mold in less than a week after opening.
I decided to throw the whole bottle away, but should have kept it to observe the behavior...

Never purchased it again after that time  :(

Let me step in the discussion to add a little information.

Suzy from Twig&Fig shared a beautiful exemplar from the Gallica data base a few weeks ago.
It's from a German Calligrapher named Jean Van Den Bosch and it was penned between 1603 and 1631.

I checked the manuscript online and found out it contains a wonderful page of what I think is early Italian Hand. It's evident to my eyes that this was taking its start from Cancelleresca, but was slowly developing into something different, still using the same tool (even though cutting of the quill was also being adapted to the scope).

Here's the link to the manuscript [size=78%][/size]

Since Mr Bickham was born in 1684, this appears to be a step earlier than his own Italian Hand.

I'm sure there are other beautiful exemplars digitalized somewhere in the www :)

let's make a thread somewhere in the most basic info with the title

gum arabic and glair additives to gouache

is there a place where the most important basic information is catalogued
so that it is easier for new people find the basics
and also easier for us to steer people to the basics when the topic comes up again?

I just checked and there's a thread already open under General Categories > Tool & Supplies
This one

I made glair yesterday. Still have to try it with gouache.

But I had the two egg yolks left and added a little bit of that to some walnut ink in one pot and to a leftover of Schmincke Vermillion gouache.
I had to dilute it a little more than I usually do because it went too creamy to flow from my nib.
What happened (to my surprise) is that it stayed somewhat glossy when dry.
Here are a couple of pictures I took of the dried up letters.

The end result is very beautiful. I will see what happens with time. Animal proteins may have some bad effect on color durability.


Glair is something that I have made and used with excellent results that provides the similar improvements of gum arabic.
Here is a recipe - although I let my egg whites sit for a lot longer - several hours.

I knew this would have been an interesting thread.
Thanks Jean for sharing the glair recipe article.
I found this post on gouache very interesting
About watering gouache and cleaning your nib while using gouache every now and then.

@Roy: my preferred pointed nib for gouache is Leonardt G. I buy it at Cornelissen online, since I'm in Europe. They're not so expensive and last for a good amount of time (unless you're using iron gall ink o.c.). Other pointed nibs that I mostly use are Zebra and Nikko G and both have problems with the gouache I mix. Reading Jean's answer made me want to try glair instead of gum arabic. I have a feeling it can help pigments release more color still keeping its binding quality. I'll give it a try ^_^

Hello Roy,
what you're mentioning as 'not working' is all inks made with pigments and in my little experience I've noticed that some nibs just hold the pigments bad, so I've selected which ones to use with which ink. The Leonardt G produces pretty decent thins in upstrokes and works good with pigmented mixtures (be it gouache, Pearlex or Fintec).
Interesting thread. Thanks for sharing this. Hope someone knows and shares the technical reason :)

Introductions / Re: Granddaughter of the Forum....LOL
« on: April 13, 2016, 12:30:06 AM »
Congrats Nickki !!! <3 your granddaughter is a beauty!!!
Much love to you all :*

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