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« on: July 28, 2022, 12:47:51 PM »
I'm so excited to have found this forum. I did calligraphy with a fountain pen years ago, 38+years ago when my kids were small. I'd call it Italic. I loved it but life got in the way with 3 small children. I became a watercolorist about 20 years ago, finding a hidden talent I didn't know I had. I was on IG last April and took a free class with Shinah of Crooked Calligraphy and fell in love all over again. I signed up for her course and made progress but I have found that I am needing more guidance now, feeling stuck! I beat myself up feeling as though my lettering isn't getting any better. I recently did a seating chart and place cards for a friends wedding and it all came out beautifully, but since then I feel like my progress has become stagnant. I've gone back to drills etc. I think one of the problems I am encountering, it I love all the different styles, and can't seem to master any of them  ;)

Hoping to learn from all of you.
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