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Beautiful! I've been looking for one for a while ... found a couple for 12 bucks each.  Is that a pretty normal price at this point since they are so sought after?  LOL  I can't understand how a company out there wouldn't try to copy it in today's world. Seems that they'd make a pretty penny if they priced it right and made it as good as the original. I've never used one but anyone that talks about them says they are just the absolute best nibs.

I have opened that link so many times to read it and then it gets so late I forget and close it cause I hadn't gotten to it LOL. So, it feels or seems like what I'm learning is technically called modern Copperplate since I have been trying to teach myself from Winters' book. Thank you so much for your reply it helped tremendously :D

Hi there! This is amazing info thank you! My question here is ... is Engrosser's the same as Copperplate?  I'm getting so confused, cause I thought English Roundhand was pretty much the older name for Copperplate. But it seems like Engrosser's is being used interchangeably with Copperplate, but it looks like there's a different slant and slightly different shape to the letters with Engrosser's. Then I saw Engraver's >.< Can anyone shed some light on this so I can get it and maybe KEEP it straight lol. I just dont want to learn what I think is proper, then realize oh wait ... I've been going with something NOT Copperplate :)  Thanks!

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