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I appreciate this thread because I am where the OP was at that time.  As a matter of fact not an hour ago I ordered the Hunt 101 and a Gillott 303 from PAIA.  For now my supply inclused Brause Rose, Blue Pumpkin, Nikko G and Tachikawa G.  My pumpkin seems to be a trooper.  I am using HP 32 lb paper.  The Rose I could not contain, LOL.  The NG I can't stand.  The Tach G is nice.  I am really looking foward to the Hunt 101 from what I am seeing on YT vids that I obsessively watch and rewatch.

I like this saying, sir.  It is a true statement.  Believe I should write this in my journal (any excuse for practicing).

Always nice to see the nib in action. I always wonder at what speed people who write well write. You certainly have steady hands. Nice.
Me too.  And sometimes I tend to think writing slowly makes my shake even shakier.  I am fighting that notion though because I know F A S T is not an option for this newbie.  So, simply need to learn not to shake.

Open Flourish | General Discussion / Re: Your Instagrams
« on: March 12, 2020, 11:31:38 AM »

I warn that I am a total newbie.  My calligraphy looks like feces right about now.  But, I am not giving up!

Thanks for asking.  Off to find you now.

Also, I have something to add to "Where do I go first?" My tip: the shower. Because I've been sitting here with my workout video all ready to go, and three hours later I'm still in my pj's. And if there are any other folks out there that are as compulsive as me, they might want to actually, you know, GET READY before just diving head-first into the videos. Just a thought. ;)

You are cracking me up, girlie!!!!!

Introductions / Greetings! I am called Lyric
« on: March 12, 2020, 10:47:54 AM »
Finally, Jan., 06, 2020 I began an online modern calligraphy course with Becca Courtice after over 30 years of wanting, wishing, and procrastinating.  In the first three weeks of the course I went from brush pen thin, to brush pen thick, to POINTED PEN!!!  I had to stop, breathe for that is what I had been wanting to learn all along!

Fast forwarding a few weeks now I know exactly what I desire to learn and pursue and that would be engrosser's script.  I see many continue to call it copperplate. But, I learned yesterday from a master penwomen, Connie Chen, the proper name for it and I feel blessed.

Granny here, four darling ladies of my own, no boys, LOL.  I am determined to learn and grow and have pretty writing of my own.

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