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@jeanwilson I couldn't agree more!  They have wonderful supplies & are very reliable!  They are also very innovative, including acquiring the new nibs with "ink cages" that last so much longer per "dip"!  I eagerly await every catalog & dog ear almost all of the pointed pen pages!  We are so lucky to have John Neal Bookseller!


As a newcomer to the lettering and calligraphy community, I have needed to rely on many sources for tools, knowledge, hand-holding, and general support. John Neal Bookseller has been of tremendous help. They are a exceptional at what they do. I have also patronized Paper, Ink, Arts, the Paper Seahorse, and The Postman's Knock and value each of them highly. JNB is about 2 hours drive from me, but so far I have resisted going there in person. That may change soon.


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