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I've had a couple of phone calls from them when they had a question about my order. - Super helpful & informative!  The only reason that I order from PIA more than I do at John Neal is shipping costs. - PIA tends to be less than half the shipping cost!  And, PIA seems to ship quicker.  I've noticed that their prices are generally right in line & I wonder if they online "stalk" one another for price comparison?  At any rate, I'm grateful that they both exist!!

I have to say, I'm so impressed with how quickly my Christmas order came! Customer service is so amazing and quick and while PIA said they were 72 business hours before shipping and last week my order shipped the same or next day and arrived a day early! As long as John Neal has what I'm looking for, they are definitely my go-to for calligraphy supplies!

I ordered some things from Paper Ink Arts in December, during their sale, and it did take a little longer than the 5 - 7 business days flat rate shipping.  But, they may not have my phone number and they may've tried to call with an issue.  Also, it was a sale and it was Christmastime.  But, the shipping was only $7.99. 

Before this, I had a problem with my hourglass oblique pen from Paper Ink Arts and someone actually answered the phone and spoke to me, said they could send me a new screw for the pen.  The next time I ordered, I referenced this conversation I had with Josh and the new brass screw came in my order - free.   I was just beginning to practice calligraphy seriously and was encountering the problems that lots of beginners have.  It was incredible to call and talk to a person - I thought I'd traveled back in time.   ;D   It must be difficult for them to offer that kind of personal service and remain profitable.

I have ordered things from JNB and they were fine.  I've not had an occasion to try to call them so I don't really know about their customer service.

Have never had any problem with JNB.  Always thorough, timely, and their variety of products seems more extensive.  I can actually say I love them.  ;D

It has been a while since I posted my endorsement of John Neal and his splendid contribution to the community so this is for the new members.

While Paper and Ink Arts has always been a good company - even through the changing of ownership - John goes above and beyond the selling of art supplies. John and PIA both show up at the international calligraphy conferences, John with books and PIA with supplies. They take turns being the vendor at IAMPETH.

But it is important to know that John publishes Letter Arts Review, Bound & Lettered, and books like Sheila Waters' Foundations of Calligraphy and John Stevens' Scribe: Artist of the Written Word - just to name a few items that are spectacular contributions to the lettering community. I'm sure that John would never want to run any or all of his competitors out of business. But, IMHO, he deserves recognition and support because of his contributions....and if you have never done business with John - hopefully you will consider sending a few orders his way. His customer service is top-notch.


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