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This was posted on Cyperscribes this weekend.  I have not visited this blog, but it looks promising!

"Sun Oct 19, 2014 11:19 am (PDT) . Posted by:
i just posted *flourish no. 1* to my blog.
i will keep the lessons very simple and short
and geared towards beginners who have not had
the opportunity to study at an International Calligraphy Conference
or an IAMPETH convention.

i will be looking for some videos that show whole arm movement to add to my blog.
if anyone knows of a good whole arm video that is already online, please let me know
so that i can link to it.


Thank you so much for sharing this!!!

Her envelope blogs also look like a lot of fun!

Oh wow, what a coincidence. I've just started to bookmark her other blog too. Thank you for sharing this one as well. :)

Hi everyone:
I just joined FF and am learning how this works. As you can see from my blogs, I am a big fan of envelopes. They are a perfect way to practice while still making something useful.
I have taught calligraphy and creative lettering for 15 years so my blogs are geared towards beginners. I try to feature styles and techniques that are pretty simple. I receive a lot of mail and post envelopes from my penpals, so some of the examples are way beyond the beginner level, but they serve as inspiration. My blog readers were very interested in having more lessons and I will be steering them towards FF and the wonderful tutorials that are available here.
Happy Lettering
Jean Wilson


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