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Ductus - a simple guide lines generator for calligraphers

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Erica McPhee:
VERY nice!  :)

Thank you Linda!

Hi everyone !

Thank you so much for your interest in Ductus!
First of all, I thank the administrator of this amazing community for accepting me!

I wanted today to annonce an incoming update of the tool in 2 weeks, with some new cool features, after a lot of suggestions and ideas from users. The new features are :

 - Slant lines (with adjustable angle from 0 to 55),
 - Paper orientation (portrait and landscape),
 - Paper format (a4, a3, letter, legal),
 - Black and white mode
 - Customizable colors for the main lines, the regular lines and the slant lines.

Again, I thank you a lot for your interest in Ductus. Without calligraphers like you, it would be worthless !
be sure to be notified again when the new version is live.

In the meantime, you can always make new suggestions or ask questions here if you wish !

Oh how fantastic!  Thank you for creating it Josselin, and for posting Linda!

Afreen Gaffar:
Thankyou !!!  :-* :-*


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