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Linda Y.:
I just finished a beginner's 12-week session on Gothic and thought I'd share some of my work here for fun.

I was super-frustrated by Gothic Textura at first because everything is so.straight.and.structured. And my teacher is super-picky because she knows I want to be good at it (and I appreciate her pointing out mistakes I would not have seen myself). But when we moved on to Fraktur, I started to "get" it more and couldn't get enough! Fraktur is such a beautiful letterform and so fun to write.

I also loved writing Fraktur with flat brushes which my teacher showed us how to do.

For our final project, we took all of our 11"x17" practice sheets and bound them into a book! It was such a great idea and nice to see our progress from Week 1 to Week 12.

The class truly made me appreciate the beauty of Blackletter. :) I know pointed pen is the preferred style of calligraphy as of late, but I do have to say - if anyone wants to be better at calligraphy and letterforms in general, it's a good idea to brush up on all the basics. After having taken Romans, Foundational, Italic, and now Gothic, I think my pointed pen has improved.

Thanks for reading! ;D

[PS] Roseann, I saw you mention an interest in taking a Gothic class - my teacher is planning to teach a Gothic workshop for the Society for Calligraphy sometime in 2014!

Yes, I've been in contact with her.  I just hope I can get in.  She's such a good teacher, demand will probably be high. 

I forgot to say, your work is beautiful!  It makes me want to take those classes even more!

Lori M:
Those are beautiful, Linda! I especially love the last one, with the two tones of green letters overlayed.

I love Fraktur, too, but had never heard of it until recently. (I learned Textura, but no other variations.) I recently came across it in a book by Julien Chazal that I found at the local bookstore. (  Another Gothic style in there I really like is Flemish -- not very legible, but really pretty!

Is your class local? I need to get in touch with my local Calligraphy Society about classes. They don't seem very active based on their website, though...

Linda Y.:

--- Quote from: Roseann_G on February 10, 2014, 12:39:00 PM ---I forgot to say, your work is beautiful!  It makes me want to take those classes even more!

--- End quote ---

Thanks Roseann! I hope to see you in one of Yukimi's classes soon! We'll have so much fun!


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