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Exceptionally ornamental Capitals from the 17th Century


I found this book time ago and thought this could be a great inspiration on how to flourish Capitals or whatever! And they are just a joy to view. The book is called "Kunstrichtige Schreibart allerhand Versalie[n] oder AnfangsBuchstabe[n] der teütschen, lateinischen und italianischen Schrifften aus unterschiedlichen Meistern der edlen Schreibkunst zusammen getragen." – "Art- and Rightful Way of Writing Various Majuscules or Capitals of the German, Latin and Italian Scripts Assembled from Different Masters of the Noble Art of Writing" which I think is just a great title ;). It is a woodcut book from 1655 and starts with simpler forms to go on to more complex ones so that in the end one Capital fills a whole page!

Kunstrichtige_Ex-1 by Estefa1317, on Flickr

Kunstrichtige_Ex-3 by Estefa1317, on Flickr

Kunstrichtige_Ex-5 by Estefa1317, on Flickr

Kunstrichtige_Ex-7 by Estefa1317, on Flickr

Kunstrichtige_Ex-9 by Estefa1317, on Flickr

I posted some more examples on my Flickr page, but you can donwload the whole book from the link above. I hope I am not violating any Copyright issues as this seems to be Copyright free … and I show this only for research / learning purposes!

Wow, crazy!

Lori M:
Very cool! Ex-7 is especially pretty and flowing. Ex-3 is really hard to read, but very cool to look at -- and like you said, great flourish inspiration.

Love love it!!
Thank you o much Estefa!

Thank you all for your comments, I am glad you also like these! And yes, some are very much illegible – I guess that was not the point ;)


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