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How to get started learning Uncial broad edge pen calligraphy?

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Erica McPhee:
LOL! Actually Jennifer - Sheila's book is an outstanding resource! Great reference.  ;D

This is a neat video showing uncial with a brush...

Erica McPhee:
OOOh .... this is even better... it's a full 16 video series on learning Uncial with a broad edge pen... unfortunately the link for the series won't work but here is one of the beginning videos and you can see the rest in the series once you start...

I was going to suggest Sheila Waters' book, too - you really can't go wrong with her.

Regarding Parallel Pens, I see no reason why not, but eventually you'll probably want to move onto something which will give a better hairline and let you use a wider range of inks.  Most of the broad pen minded people I know seem to like the Mitchell roundhand nibs, which are a bit flexible.  Reeds are nice to write with, appropriate for uncial, and much easier to deal with than quills.

Thanks for all of the great recommendations!  :)

You can also try this basic course at Domestika:

I found it quite useful. The course is in Spanish, but I think it has subtitles and all the written materials are available in English.


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