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Monoline Italic Cursive


Ken Fraser:
Monoline Italic written with a medium-tipped fountain pen.

Brad franklin:
What exactly is monoline italic cursive? When i see italic i think of chancery italic, same family or no.

Erica McPhee:
Wow Ken! Is Consistency your middle name?  ;D

Brad, I will let Ken answer your question.  :)

Sherry Lu:
Goodness, that is some fine handwriting. :O

Ken Fraser:
Brad :

Yes, it's the same family. Italic is usually written with an edged nib which creates thick and thin strokes. However, the script can be just as easily written with a rounded nib such as a ballpoint, Rollerball or any round-tipped nib. This is monoline writing i.e. a single, even line throughout with no heavy and light strokes.The strong construction of the letter is the factor which gives Italic the distinctive look which has survived for centuries and there's a certain clear, elegance about Italic when it's written monoline IMO. I don't prefer it, but it is a viable alternative.

Erica :

I've just realised that I've posted this "monoline" version of Italic in the "Edged nib" category.....sorry!  :-\



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