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Ken Fraser:
I chose Uncial for this exercise, with the lines closely spaced. My intention was to produce an overall dense pattern with no inter-word spaces and with each new line starting in the middle of the preceding word, as necessary, to maintain the flow.

I wrote this without preparation just as the names of my favourite pianists came into my head. Mostly, I alternated jazz and classical pianists to create some kind of balance. When I reached the last three lines, I paid more attention to the length of the names, juggling them so that I would end the block of lettering, cleanly.

The subject, of course, could be anything, it's great fun to do, and is excellent practice.

Someone suggested that the design would make a good beer mat!


Erica McPhee:
That is positively mesmerizing!

There's a lot to be said for Uncial, not the least of which is not having to worry about tangling ascenders and descenders! The tight line spacing is real handy on envelopes, IMHO.

Lori M:
No need to worry about upper and lower case, either.  :)

That exercise is really cool. And historically correct also. I recall hearing that punctuation and spaces between words weren't used until the 14th century (or something like that) -- anyhow, surprisingly late.

With the benefits outlined above, I must consider picking up my uncial from when I left off. And with that amount of writing, my luck runs out and I start making mistakes. I usually scratch the entire attempt after the first mistake.

Do you do the same, Ken, or do you just not make mistakes?


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