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Printing Service Suggestions in the Los Angeles Area?


hi all! 

does anyone have any experience with local printers in the los angeles area that they'd recommend for printing wedding invites?

has anyone found it a burden or an issue to use a printer that is not local, or is it just as easy?


Erica McPhee:
Depending upon what I'm printing, I will use a local printer or WHCC. I don't have any problem ordering away.  :)

Linda Y.:
are you looking for a 4-color/offset printer or a letterpress printer? my personal experience is, LA printers tend to charge "LA prices."  :-\  I did research and ended up working with printers out of town and everything turned out fine. One thing to keep in mind - screen colors do not equal real-life colors. As long as you have Pantone guides for reference, the colors should stay accurate.

[Edited to add] Roseann has worked with a local letterpress printer, if you're looking for one, she may be able to give you a reference :)

thanks erica and linda!! good to know, linda, about the LA prices!! i am not looking for a letterpress printer.  the client would just want a digitally printed invite.... so i assume that means the "4-color/offset printer?" i'm not familiar with that lingo. i'll have to go look it up! 

thanks again!!


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