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Unpacking Oldřich Menhart

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Hi all,

Attended a workshop last week by Carl Rohrs on the work of Czech calligrapher Oldřich Menhart. Thought I'd start a thread of talk about his work if anyone else is interested.

Here's an example I've been playing around with and trying to recreate. His is in black, mine is in green beneath.

I love the quirkiness and liveliness of his letters.

It seems to me that his letters are very 'built up' and drawn, with many of his strokes seeming to be built of two strokes. See close up at bottom. He has these funny little hairline serifs that have a tiny bit of weight to them. I've been combining a 15 degree pen angle with a flat pen angle to try to recreate his style but it's still alluding me.

I think he is adjusting the pen angle mid stroke.

@RD5 Hmm, so the pen width is equal to the thicker parts of the stems (towards the bottom?). Interesting theory!

@Trazo I'm thinking of buying one of his books. As I know you have some of his books at home, I have a question for you. Which do book do you think is best for learning some of his calligraphic styles? I heard "Nauka O Pismu" is for students, so I guess it would be good for showing entire alphabets in upper and lowercase. However Carl Rohrs also mentioned in the class that the restrospective of his work is so comprehensive it almost makes "Nauka o Pismu" redundant

What do you think?


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