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Italic variations

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Ken Fraser:
Italic variations

Erica McPhee:
Beautiful as always Ken. I have a definite appreciation for Italic in a different way than pointed pen. But still appreciate itís beauty and how the strokes form such lovely letters.  :)

Ken, thanks for the explanation with each variation.  I prefer a much more flourished italic.

I now have a set of Pilot Parallel pens and here to see how it all fits. 

Oh, I am armed with two books:  One is by Mrs. Winters called Calligraphy for Kids.

Going to find out if italic is good for everyday writing and a decent speed (faster than copperplate).  :)

Erica McPhee:
@Lyric Enjoy! And you may want to check out these free tutorials: Handwriting Success with Getty-Dubay Italic  :)


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