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@Ken Fraser  @K-2
Ken Fraser has been admirably holding down the fort almost alone for the past few years in the broad edge section of the forum, so I thought I'd post a few things here to enliven the place. This is an envelope I did 5 years ago for my wife Kate. Any guesses as to what script this is?

Erica McPhee:
BEAUTIFUL! I have no guesses but I am very curious!  ;D

Hmmmm - interesting script, @AnasaziWrites

My first instinct would have been Rotunda, based on the K, t and e - but the e isn't usually at that angle, and Rotunda usually uses the double-lobed a.  Batarde sometimes uses a single-lobed a, but the left tilt and angularity of it don't match that style, although the upswept e certainly does.  It's quite unusual to see such an angular a with such a rounded e.  Perhaps a form of Secretary hand?  An early form of Court Hand, before the K's got really ornate?

I'm intrigued!

--yours, K


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