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My Take on Textura Quadrata


Ken Fraser:
Here's an example of my 'take' on a Gothic style of the late, great Austrian calligrapher Friedrich Neugebauer.

If you blank off the top and bottom of a row of minuscule letters, you can see the effect known as 'picket fence' where all of the downstrokes are more-or-less evenly spaced with the spaces between the strokes, the same width as the strokes themselves. This is considered ideal for this version of Gothic, but difficult to achieve because of the different widths of the letters. Neugebauer ingeniously manages it, by compressing the minuscule e to the extent that it touches the next letter. This maintains the even spacing.


I've always struggled with that. The picket fence vs. 'e' dilemma. I can't be writing 'minimum' all the time. Will probablyadopt a similar 'e' to fix this.


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