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A sampler for Foundational, Uncial and Rustic Capitals

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It would be nice to hear which of them needs the most amount of work and more importantly what details am i really missing, because i feel that i have reached a spot where i am no longer able to self critique myself on these hands.

I'd suggest to check the letter spacing and the heights of the capitals :) it doesn't seem all that consistent. I'll leave the rest to the pros :D
Oh, and I love the foundational ampersand.

Thank you sisterofdream. Letter spacing is something that i really struggle with, i would try to layout my work beforehand rather than just picking up the pen and going at it.
The height of the rustic capitals varies because the reference book i follow suggests that these particular letters be written taller than the others. When i try to write them at the normal height i find that-
'B' becomes broader and looks lesser a part of the alphabet
'F' and 'L' start to be mixed with 'E' and 'I' respectively.
So i did not fight the wisdom of the book long and started following it.

Lori M:
It's been years since I've done these hands, but here goes...  Overall, I think you're doing really well -- your letters forms are good and your slant is nice and consistent. Your foundational is especially nice.

I'm going to be a little picky since you want to work on the details.  :) The things I'd work on in the foundational are nice clean serifs (for example, the bottom serif of "r" in "are" could be cleaner) and making sure that your letters stay on the baseline (for example, one of the "e"'s in "deep" is a bit below the line. There's also might be bit too much space between words, but the spacing been letters is good.

On the uncial, some of my comments could be based on the particular style I learned. So if your exemplar is different, follow that. The way I learned it, the only things that really jump out at me is the "h" in "have" - the curved stroke should finish a little pointier, more like the "m" in "promises". Also, the body stroke of the "p"'s should go into the straight stroke and not have the tiny serif/curl.

The rustic capitals I don't know, so I can't help you there.

And I love your holder! Is it vintage? What does the slider button do?

Thank you Lori, you have a good eye for detail. I completely missed the 'e' going lower than the baseline, although now that you have mentioned it that is the first place my eye travels to in the piece. I would work on the serifs more to make them crisper and cleaner. Do you have any suggestions on how to work on the word spacing?

You are right about the ‘h’, it wasn’t acceptable for me as well but i had over inked it and there was no going back from that. I would keep in mind, not to do it again. could you explain/illustrate what you are saying about the ‘p’, i did not get that.

The holder is not vintage, it is from Cretacolour. The metal thingy that looks like a slider is actually the thing that holds the nib in place. So basically you lift it—insert the nib—and press it down again.


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