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@Linda, @Erica & others, I have a little question: I'm practicing since 1 month now and ... this last conversation made me think about : "what if I had a wrong position during all this time?".

I think I was writing copperplate with thick/thin on the good strokes but my pen wasn't at a 55 angle, more something like 10 maybe (I mean, I write at 55, but the pen's nib isn't at 55). For me it appeared impossible to get the right position to align the nib with the angle.

Yesterday, reading a book, I saw that you have to "stick" your elbow on your stomach, then move the paper to the left as long as you write.

Does this appear good (and also understandable) for you, experienced calligraphers?

(Really sorry if the english is a bit bad, it's tricky to explain the problem for me, I wish you all understand)

Tools & Supplies / Lightbox brand/Model suggests
« on: January 12, 2014, 08:50:45 AM »
Hello everybody,

I'm planing to buy a lightbox to be able to work with guides under my sheets of paper (I know we can build it ourselves too). I think A3 would be a great dimension but I really have no clue about which brand/model is good point to start.

Do you have any advice? Thanks

Kind Critique / Contemporary/Modern Calligraphy Critique
« on: January 10, 2014, 05:11:13 PM »
Hello everybody, I'm both new to this forum and calligraphy and I'm really happy to be here to share and learn from all of you.

Thanks Erica for this great guides.

I did this one just for training, based on your "Step to contemporary calligraphy" sheet (with sumi ink, rhodia paper, hiro41 nib). I'll be happy to hear your feedbacks and your suggest to improve my calligraphy if you have some. Please be indulgent, I'm really new to this.

Thanks again!

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