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I have photos from a few recent efforts.  I'm going to start posting them here, and (hopefully) periodic updates as my skills improve.   Joining this forum is inspiring me to better my hand.   I'll mark the starting point here.

First up:  helping a friend pay bills.  I snagged the envelope, and whipped out my workhorse Waterman.  It's an old 2a nib that serves as my daily driver.   Alas, no dip pen kit yet.  But I'm working on that.

I could spend days poking at this.  The second line is crowded.  That's the big one I see.   It's a start....

I like sending letters and postcards to nieces, nephews and extended family kids.  The black is all with the same fountain pen as above, with colored markers.   The recipient is a toddler, so I figured it's all about color.  I didn't want to lettering too fancy, as he's still working on his ABC's.  I had fun with the stamp.

So I had the paper hidden in my cache, but had never used it.  As I walked through a craft store, looking for my first dip pen kit, I had this idea for Valentine's Day.  I had seen a Florentine Letter Fold (http://www.ghh.com/elf/FlorentineLetterfold.html) elsewhere, but hadn't tried it.  I somehow build this concept as I stood in the isle.  I picked up a crow quill, and three miniature bottles of speedball ink.  My first project with a dip pen.

Only the address is written on this outside.  The stamp seals the envelope closed.

Thanks for sharing

These are so lovely!  I know what you mean about spending a day picking at your own work ... but to my eyes, these are great, and you really don't need to.

I also LOVE that letter to a toddler!  I'm going to have to use that brightly-coloured idea - I have a four-year-old who I owe a letter :)


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