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Erica McPhee:
Here is my exchange. This was really fun. The watercolor is clipart from Aurelia (create the cut here on Flourish) Create The Cut on Etsy. Love her work!

Would love to see everyone else's quote!  ;)

Here it is the quote I chose from The Little Prince written in Italic.

I'm quite embarrassed to share mine because I had some misshapps. The paper I chose was too silky so I couldn't make decent strokes. I got extra creative (in the bad sense) with the letter forms too. And the ink smudged when erasing the lines (partly the paper's fault and partly my Ziller ink)
But I really love the quote so I'll share anyway.
I think my work during the cultural exchange is better so far. Haha.

@Keysa, white on red! Yesss!


--- Quote from: handmadeletters on June 03, 2015, 11:09:57 AM ---@Keysa, white on red! Yesss!

--- End quote ---
Teehee!!! I dared. :)


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