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Hello Everyone,

Its been couple of weeks that i have joined this amazing Forum and its pleasure to interact with like minded people.
And today after downloading Erica's drill sheet (thanks to @prasad for helping me find out) for me it was quite a productive day.
I just finished 7 worksheets of Drills and here it is for every one to comment and Criticise and help me understand areas of improvement.

Before i got hold of these amazing worksheets i used to write words, alphabets or poems for practise (which will be uploaded soon for your valuable comments) and today i realise how important it is to practise drills and improve muscle memory.

So don't forget to 'Right' what is 'Wrong'.



Here are few more drills and practise sheets.
Would appreciate if you could comment and give me your honest feedback and areas of improvisation.

As i said, please RIGHT if anything is wrong.


I love the flourishing in the practice sheet 3 (including the ink spots caused by the upstroke  ;) )

Thanks Eric for taking time to comment.
Let me know if i could improvise it in anyway.


I've probably visited this thread half a dozen times now, and each time backed away thinking I'm not competent to comment.  Which is true!

All the same, sheets 3 and 4 look particularly attractive to me: written with confidence and panache.  I see very little to critique in those.  As for sheets 1 and 2, your slant wanders a bit, but I'm guessing that you're well aware of that and have probably gone a long way towards curing it.  For my taste the writing is heavy for copperplate, but that's a judgment for you to make.  With a bit of luck some of the copperplate specialists will turn up and have something to say for themselves before long.


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