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I've only been at this for the past few weeks..a work in progress.  Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Looking really good in terms of formed letters. Now start spacing them out more. It will be easier to read. Paper is cheap.  ;D

The lines that appear vertically on the left edge of the papers are particularly good. Terrific progress in such a short time.

Thank you @AAAndrew.  I was trying for a compressed form, and practing for a more smoother connection.  And yes, the grid paper abosorbs so much ink and bleed crazy.  The Esterbrook 920 with the upturn nib EF was graceful.

Thank you @AnasaziWrites.  Sticking with forms and using only the horizontal lines as guide, my hqnds we more freely expressed.

Can I go to book 2 Artistic Writing yet?

Erica McPhee:
Ooooh - lovely! I love seeing your progress, too.  :)


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