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Some of us are hoarder of antiquity, some of us are just hoarders.  Or that you have a favorite pen you like to share.  Here's your chance to tell and show your pen (yes it can be any pen, biro, pencil, etc..... and a story.  We want to know about your story of your pen.)

I don't have any interesting pens to show but I do use some less expensive and some medium expensive pen.'s my first.

A rOtring Art Pen.  It have an 18k gold nib. Broad.  I added an overfeed because it was running dry.  The nib was ground to a very sharp italic.

Here's the second antique ... Marbie Todd Sterling Silver with a gold nib.  It is also a pencil.

That is a beautiful piece of writing. I know it's an antique but any idea what kind of nib it is? I would love to be able to get something like that for writing!

It is a relic of writing history.  Nib is 14k.  Eazy to find on ebay.  Look for gold dip pens.

One of my favorite holders. Either celluloid or bakelite. Probably Central European (Czech or Austrian or Hungarian).

Plus some dirt-common, everyday kinds of dip pens from late in the production of steel pens in the US. In other words, these are the cheap of the cheap. The top one is more commonly known in its form from Esterbrook where it is known as the "Inflexible" and the Manifold pens are second only to laundry pens for stiffness. Yet, even with these, the experience of writing can be so much fun.



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