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I like the idea of this thread.

Looking at other peoples "tries" is intimidating and makes me not want to submit, but you can't learn without constructive critique-ness am-a-rite?

This is my first "Piece" that I wrote for my wife for our "first-time-we-met-versary". I want to redo it, but this time on A3 sized paper, as you can clearly see mu awful attempt at connecting the T's, there's plenty of mistakes and I had to squash in a couple of rows.

This is only after 3-4 weeks practice so don't be too harsh, but please be kind-a-harsh and Critique away.

Am eager to learn how to get this Copperplate Calligraphy thing down!

Have a great day all

#3 by Andy GS, on Flickr

#2 by Andy GS, on Flickr

#1 by Andy GS, on Flickr

Erica McPhee:
Hi @Andy.g
What a romantic! I would love to take a look but I can't see the images. Did you attach them as JPGs? I was having some glitches on the server over the past couple days so maybe try again?  ;D

@Linda Y. - I have no idea if you are still on this Forum, however you're instructions for uploading images from Flickr helped me a lot. So thank you. Never used the site before.

I have re-uploaded the pictures in the correct format

Linda Y.:
Glad to be helpful! I am still here once in a while :)

Not bad Andy. What helps me is slant lines closer together, examples from the past on how spacing should be between letters, and how individual letters look by themselves and also when they are joined to other letters in a word. I want you to put the date on those letters. Put them away. Practice. Then, try the exact same thing in one week, one month. Compare it to your first one. It's a huge confidence builder to see your own growth.


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