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I have a bit of an odd request. In addition to a love of letters, I am a scientist and a hobby naturalist. Something else I love to do is take pictures of sand at a microscope level. I would love to do this using samples from all over the world.

This is where you can help me dear FF friends. As the weather warms and we gravitate to the waterways, will you please think of me and send me some sand? I don't need much...a couple of teaspoons worth will do! I promise to give you credit and will send a letter in return.

Please message me and I will send me address if you have some sand to send my way.

Inked botanicals:
I live by the sea, and there are 3 beaches in a walking distance from my house. I can send you some samples and provide some information if you want it. One of them was not in a good shape and was fixed with sand from the bottom of the near sea, another one still has some coal from a many-years-ago accident. Maybe you get interesting photos from those.

Not to put a dampener on what sounds like a terrific project, but are there any biohazards involved with sending such material overseas?

@Inked botanicals that would be great!

@Empty_of_Clouds I double checked. Apparently a strip company tried that for their luau themed night in unmarked envelopes and it was taken for anthrax :S Another company will send sand (among other things) to your 'enemy'. :S :S This world just keeps getting more crazy.

Bottom line: sand is ok to send (it is not on the mailing restricted lists I found), but it should be placed in a sealed small plastic bag (ziploc, twist-tie), and then in the envelope.

I will happily send some over when I go to Barmouth in Wales at the end of May 😊


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