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Copperplate Exemplar & Guidelines

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Erica McPhee:
Hi Flourish Friends!

Attached is a new Copperplate (Engrosser's Script) exemplar with ductus and guidelines I have developed using sizes and spacing from exemplars of the old masters, most notably Earl A. Lupfer.

As I worked to improve my Engrosser's Script, I found it important to have specific guidelines to help me make more consistent letterforms. I have tweaked this quite a bit and am happy with how it has developed.

As always, please let me know you have any questions. I hope you enjoy!  ;D

Very cool Erica. I did something similar to what you did, but I also added an additional line slightly above the headline and slightly below the baseline for the ascending and descending loops. This example uses a Charlton Howe example.

I agree with you about developing these based on the work of past masters. Right now I am studying WA Baird and creating a lower case exemplar based on his lessons. It is a lot of work, but I learn so much  ;)


Erica McPhee:
Gorgeous Cat! Thanks for sharing. Yes, it has been interesting to see the variances in the masters. Unless you really break it down, it all seems similar.  :D

What a delightful exemplar, @Erica McPhee !  I really like how you've labelled the guidelines, too.  I will definitely be printing this out to keep at my desk for reference.  Separately, may I ask what blue ink you are using (maybe McCaffery's?)?  It's quite a lovely shade!

Erica McPhee:
Thanks @KristinT ! Yes - that is McCaffery’s Indigo. I like it full strength but I also like it as it wears down and I dip in my water then the ink - it becomes this really pretty aquamarine color (my favorite).  ;D


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