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Erica McPhee:
I haven’t shared any work in awhile so thought I would share my Time for Tea Exchange. Please feel free to share yours here if you participated in this exchange.

I really loved this exchange. Not because I am a big tea drinker (because I am allergic to both coffee and tea.  :'(  But I wanted to try something different and I probably wouldn’t ever do it without the exchange as an excuse! I steeped a box of decaf tea in a big kettle. Then dried out the tea bags. I snipped the staple at the top and emptied out the tea (which I put out in the garden to help the soil). Once emptied I smoothed out each tea bag (which was now a long rectangle).

After a little trial, I discovered I had to spray a bit of hairspray on the tea bag to size it. Once I did that, it accepted the walnut ink quite well and also the watercolor. Once complete, I folded it back into a tea bag and stapled on my own tag.

The tags were cut from scrap pieces of my watercolor practice. I then decided to use brush and watercolor to do the quote. I am quite rusty but had a lot of fun working with the brush again.

Very creative and one of your best. Loved it.

Erica McPhee:
Thank you!  ;D

So original and so beautiful!!!

One of my favorites! Loved the torn edges of the paper as well. The whole design was so cohesive and unique - thank you for the beauty and inspiration, Erica!


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