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2021 Calligraphy Capital Advent Calendar

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Erica McPhee:
I did this a few years ago on Instagram and it was really fun. I posted a bunch of Copperplate and Spencerian capitals behind a “door” image each day until Christmas. Instead of posting a bunch of pictures, I am going to post one with all the variants on it, each day until Christmas. Feel free to comment or add some variants.

These are capitals I am playing around with in ProCreate on the ipad and will some day translate to pen and ink if possible. I love ProCreate for the free flowing pen tool and ability to redo as many times as I need without wasting paper or ink. It doesn’t always translate to pen and ink later because of the pressure and directions I go, but still a useful exercise.  :)

Hope it inspires you to play and create your own!  :-*

If you click on the photo, you can see a higher res version and each letter up close.

December 1 | A

Erica McPhee:
December 2 | B

Looks like fun. Hope to post something next week.

Sally Ellington:
I am so excited about seeing this series. Your flourishing is so inspiring!

Erica McPhee:
Looking forward to it Mike! Thanks Sally!  ;D

Here is December 3 | C


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