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Erica McPhee:
Looking forward to the new year with our new exchanges.
1.   Love Letters – An annual favorite Valentine inspired exchange.
2.   Recycle Me – Use something recycled on your exchange or envelope.
3.   Flower Power – Get a jump on spring – share something floral.
4.   The Sun, the Moon, & the Stars – Let the universe, astrology, or zodiac be your inspiration.
5.   Stuck on You – Share a couple of your favorite stickers.
6.   Wish You Were Here – Favorite place on Earth or somewhere you’d like to go, let us know.
7.   Halloween | Day of the Dead – Don't be scared - it's more treat than trick.
8.   Holiday | New Year – The ever-popular end-of-the-year exchange in honor of all things holiday and happy.

See PDF for sign up announcements, deadlines, and postmark deadlines.

Oooh! This is a great line-up Erica!!
Looking forward to it already!

Erica McPhee:
Thanks Star! Me, too!  :-*

Aries M:
Yay! So excited. I was just snooping around the birthday exchange thread and when I refreshed here is the 2022 exchange list! You must be reading our minds Erica 😉


Erica McPhee:
LOL… I actually remembered on time this year @Aries M ! The Valentine exchange always sneaks up on me.  :-*


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